This Aunty Has Been Selling Kuih For 10 Sen And Refuses To Hike Up Her Price, Sells Out In 60 Minutes!

Residents of Felda Lubuk Merbau in Kedah now have a favourite stall to buy delicious kuih! 

Apparently, a stall named Sekupang Cucoq is selling kuih for RM0.10 a slice. Wah, we haven’t seen anyone selling kuih that cheap in so long! 

this aunty has been selling kuih for 10 sen and refuses to hike up her price, sells out in 60 minutes!Photo via Kosmo

The stall owner, 54-year-old Roslina Saad said she sells 15 different kinds of kuih including karipap, buah melaka, ketayap, lopes, and she makes around 5,000 kuih every single day. 

Kosmo reported that Roslina began selling kuih over 20 years ago and she has kept the price of her kuih at RM0.10 ever since, “I don’t deny that the cost of raw materials have gone up and everything is expensive now.

“But I still keep the price of my kuih at RM0.10 because I want to help those who are in need. I want them to be able to enjoy some kuih for only RM1,” she told reporters.

She added that in addition to using her kuih business as a source of income, she also plans to use the proceeds from the sales of kuih to help the local community.

“Sometimes my kuih sells out in less than 2 hours,” she continued.

This is amazing! You are such an inspiration, Kak Roslina!