Former Passport Official In South Korea Facing Criminal Charges For Attempting To Sell Hat Belonging To BTS’ Jung Kook

A former passport official is facing criminal charges after attempting to sell a hat worn by Jung Kook, member of the South Korean boyband, BTS on a second-hand marketplace site for W10 million, which is around RM 34,195.

The Korean Herald reported that the hat was listed on a second-hand marketplace in which the seller had introduced himself as a Foreign Ministry official, and even proved it with his ID!

former passport official in south korea facing criminal charges for attempting to sell hat belonging to bts’ jung kookPhoto via The Chosunilbo

“This is a bungee hat worn by a BTS member who left it behind during a visit to the ministry in September last year. He was there applying for a special diplomatic passport. It was worn by Jung Kook,” reads the description. 

According to the South Korean police, Jung Kook’s agency, HYBE, confirmed that the singer had lost his hat at the ministry around that time. However, neither the police nor the ministry received a report about the missing hat. 

Police launched an investigation into the case after the post went viral last month. 

The man who posted the ad turned himself in, which the police then discovered that he was no longer affiliated with the ministry.

And in case you didn’t know, anyone who finds lost items in South Korea must report it to the police and if the person keeps it illegally or attempts to misappropriate it, they may face criminal charges for embezzlement of lost property.

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat