Yao Or Bu Yao? This Is One Mandarin Lesson You Might Yao!

yao or bu yao? this is one mandarin lesson you might yao!

Photo: Twitter (@azlkhas)

We often forget or are unable to appreciate just how multiracial our country really is. A video put up by Twitter user Aina does a great job showcasing this, serving as a reminder of how Malaysia is truly a melting pot of culture.

In the 2 minute video on Twitter, we see what appears to be a group of Malay women learning Mandarin from another Malay woman (Aina’s mother). Aina explains that the group used to study the Al-Quran together prior to this, and that the one who recorded the class was actually the Ustazah! 

 The “teacher” in the video can be seen explaining how to say “nak” and “tak nak” to the others, with a healthy discussion and plenty of questions coming from the floor. What’s even more amusing is how their intonation is actually close to perfect!

The tweet blew up, with netizens requesting for a sequel to the video. Aina obliged, uploading a second video showing the same group of ladies trying to get the hang of the language together. Pretty heartwarming, we think!

In a third video, Aina shared a recording of her mother teaching a young boy Mandarin. Netizens were amazed at the fluency and the way she spoke, especially given that Mandarin isn’t the easiest language to master!

Would you take Mandarin lessons from this lady?

By: Celestine Foo