M’sians Heartbroken After Seeing Viral Photos Of Exhausted Aunty Working As Mascot At Night Market In KL

Recently, photos of an elderly woman working as a mascot at a night market went viral online, garnering sympathy among netizens.

m’sians heartbroken after seeing viral photos of exhausted aunty working as mascot at night market in klPhoto via Facebook (Roslan Salleh)

The photos, which were posted on Facebook on 4 March showed an elderly woman wearing a bunny mascot costume while entertaining shoppers and childrens at a night market in Kuala Lumpur. 

She also has a container placed around her neck for people to put in their donations. 

At one point, she was seen removing the head of her costume to rest, revealing her obviously worn-out face. 

“These are the hardships most of us face when living in a big city like Kuala Lumpur.

“I was at a night market in Wangsa Maju and was shocked to find that it was an elderly woman wearing it, she looks like she’s around my mother’s age and is probably also around your parents’ age,” the caption reads. 

He continued by saying: “I am happy to see her still strong and working at her age, but she should stay home and rest instead. You can clearly see how worn out she is, but what can she do?

“Maybe this is the only way she can make a living.”

Since then, the article has gained a lot of attention which also sparked a discussion among netizens. 

One person also pointed out how it must be difficult for her to be in that costume for a long period of time, “It must be very hot!”

This is so sad! We hope Makcik is doing well!