Video Of Driver Signaling The Car In Front Of It To Turn On Its Lights Went Viral Online

Driving at night has its challenges… 

One of them is forgetting to turn on your headlights because sometimes the road could be illuminated with street lights or the car behind you, which makes a driver unaware that their headlights are turned off. 

And as a road user, sometimes you may want to tell the vehicle in that situation by honking at them or by flashing your headlights, to tell them to turn on their lights.

video of driver signaling the car in front of it to turn on its lights went viral onlinePhoto via Facebook (Mohd Rithauddeen Sarno)

In a video that was recently shared on the Malaysian Dashcam Owners Facebook page went viral on how a driver told the car in front of him to turn on their headlights. 

In the video, the car is seen driving through a dark road when a black vehicle came out of an intersection and drove in front of him. Realizing that the car did not have its lights turned on, he then tried to tell them by turning off his own lights… turning everything dark.

The driver of the black car then immediately turned on his lights.

Many took to the comment section to praise the smart technique used by the driver, “This is great. The driver just came from a well-lit area, so he might not have realized that his lights were turned off.”

Yes, very smart! We could probably use this trick next time!

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat