The Decade Challenge: A Love That Lasts More Than A Decade

A recent trend on Twitter has everyone searching for their old high school pictures, just to highlight how much they’ve glowed up now! But one post however, has everyone up in their feels.

Named the “Decade Challenge”, the twitterverse started posting their old pictures with the caption “from this”, and their latest pictures, with a caption “to this”. Twitter user, Khairul Azwan Razali decided to join the challenge by posting a picture of him and his wife happily married back in 2018 and also the latest picture of him, visiting his wife’s grave.

The 24 year old met his wife, Nur Syamimi Alia Mazlan, while performing his religious duties in Mecca, back in 2011. They were married back in 2018 and only a year and 3 months later, his beloved wife was taken away from him due to cancer.  Azwan knew that his wife was diagnosed with cancer even before they were married, but was not expecting that it could take away the love of his life so abruptly.

Azwan shared all the lovely moments he had with his wife on his social media accounts.

How much he misses his wife.

How they promised to wear the same green outfit for Eid next year.

And how his wife is always in his thoughts and prayers.

His post received the attention of many, wishing him condolences and praying that he’ll be strong in facing life’s adversity.

In a recent interview with Sinar, Azwan said he is feeling more positive and has now moved back to his family’s home in Kampung Batu Buruk, Terengganu. He also frequently visits his late wife’s family and his wife's grave in Kampung Bukit Datu.

Our condolences go out to Azwan and his family members. Here’s to cherishing our loved ones, even after they’re gone.

By: Siti Farhana Sheikh Yahya