Singaporeans Bend Together To Save Oyen That Fell Into A Canal In Singapore

Six people built their own contraption using an umbrella and a USB cord to save a ginger cat that fell into a canal in Singapore.

Jessica Tse was on her way home with her husband at about 6:30 pm on Monday (February 21st) when they stumbled upon a man with a dustpan who was trying to scoop the poor cat out of the canal.

singaporeans bend together to save oyen that fell into a canal in singaporePhoto via Instagram (Jessica Tse)

Shortly after, another man arrived with a net. Though they tried their best, they both failed to get the cat to safety.

At that point, Jessica and her husband were ready to help save the cat.

She told the Mothership, “I had my phone charger with me, so I used that to tie a tight knot to connect the umbrella to the long pole, which worked.”

While they were assembling the contraption, at least six people gathered around them to lend a helping hand. 

Two men started climbing over the railing and clinging on to it while they lowered the contraption into the river, to help coordinate their rescue. 

Tse’s husband was the one holding the long pole that was attached to the umbrella, while another man was holding a fishing net with a long stick. Another man then slowly lifted the umbrella out of the water like a scoop while the man with the fishing net nudged the cat into the open umbrella. 

Ahh, it’s so heartbreaking to see the cat meowing loudly. It must be so scary and confusing!

After a while, the cat jumped into the umbrella, however, the umbrella looked like it was unable to hold the weight of the cat and the water at the same time almost forcing the cat to fall out of the umbrella.

But the two men worked tirelessly in trying to keep the cat as motionless as possible and carefully trying to raise it out of the water. 

Sighs of relief and cheers erupted as the crowd realized they were going to be successful in this little rescue mission. How amazing!

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat