Students Bid Farewell To Principal With Vacation-Themed Party; There Were Even Flight Attendants!

In a heartwarming and creative gesture, SJKC Kuang Hwa, a school in Kuantan, Pahang, gained viral attention for organizing a unique retirement ceremony for their principal.

The event, which recently surfaced on TikTok via user @rumah.kome, showcased a vacation-themed celebration in the school's hall.

students bid farewell to principal with vacation-themed party; there were even flight attendants!Photo via TikTok (@rumoh.kome)

The short 42-second clip revealed a transformed hall resembling an airport, complete with ticket counters, 'check-in' signs, and security checkpoints. The school's teachers, dressed as flight attendants, made a lively entrance, adding to the airport-like atmosphere.

This distinctive theme was chosen to honor the retiring principal's love for vacations. Students actively participated in the ceremony, conducting a pre-flight passenger safety briefing and serving food on trolleys, reminiscent of an in-flight catering service.

The highlight of the event was the retiring principal, Puan Gan, being playfully sent off on a whimsical 'skylift' adorned with colorful balloons for a creative takeoff.

As of now, the video has gathered over 518,000 views and 42,000 likes, impressing netizens who commended the school for its unique and thoughtful celebration.

One user praised, "Finally, a school that's different from the others. They would usually just go for a wedding theme for the principal's retirement."

However, questions about the event's cost surfaced among viewers, with one user asking, "How much would retirement ceremonies like this usually cost? Did the teachers chip in?"

Another user highlighted the importance of creativity and resourcefulness, stating, "See, you don't have to hold events at hotels, just the school is enough. What matters is your creativity and ability to get funds."

@rumoh.kome Majlis persaraan guru besar sekolah kome. Disebabkan GB kome ni suka p holiday, so sekolah decide utk buat tema percutian.🥰 #fyp #gurubesar #majlispersaraan #temapencen #temahariguru #hariguru #ideahariguru #pencen #majlissekolah #sekolah #sjkckuanghwa ♬ Disappear - Maniak-B

The heartfelt comments from netizens echoed the sentiment that this celebration was a refreshing departure from the norm, showcasing the school's commitment to making the final moments special.