Malaysian Man Loses Job After Requesting Paternity Leave, M’sians Stand Up For Him

The commitment to raising a child is significant for parents, but it starts well before the baby is born…

It's important to care for the mother during pregnancy, and fathers have an essential role in supporting their partners. However, a recent incident in Malaysia highlighted the need for individuals to prioritize themselves when necessary.

Danny, not his real name, shared a heartbreaking experience on TikTok last week. He was fired from his job just because he took time off to be with his wife when she gave birth at the hospital. 

malaysian man loses job after requesting paternity leave, m’sians stand up for himPhoto via TikTok (@d0nutsambal)

He had requested a week of paternity leave, but his supervisor rejected his request, questioning why the baby was born earlier than expected.

The supervisor showed no empathy towards Danny's situation and even suggested he should quit. When Danny sent an image of the labor ward as proof, the supervisor still refused to grant him leave and eventually fired him. 

Despite Danny's attempts to negotiate, he was blocked on WhatsApp, leaving him jobless.

This incident is a reminder of the importance of putting oneself first. While caring for others, it's crucial to prioritize our needs and well-being. Danny's experience shows that some employers may not have empathy towards their employees' personal situations, and it's essential to know our rights as workers.

This incident has sparked outrage among many Malaysians who are urging Danny to report the matter to the labor department. 

It's crucial to stand up for ourselves and seek justice when faced with unfair treatment. Danny's story is a powerful reminder that we should not sacrifice our well-being for the sake of others, and we should prioritize ourselves when necessary.