Customer Orders Food - But Not For Himself

customer orders food - but not for himselfPhoto: Malay Mail

Kindness, like common sense, is appreciated but not very common.

When Twitter user @danialrafiqq shared a kind gesture he came across, the tweet blew up. One Foodpanda user made use of the food ordering platform to treat a lucky rider to a meal.

The picture shared by Danial showed a receipt with the message “Bro, have you eaten? This is my treat, no need to deliver to my location. After you collect the food, rest for a bit and fill your tummy”.

The receipt order was for a medium McChicken value meal with French fries and iced lemon tea, priced at RM15.90.

The tweet, which was posted on Sunday morning, has since been retweeted over 23, 000 times and received 21, 100 likes.

Many people replied with good blessings for the anonymous do-gooder, while some shared similar stories of their kind deeds.

Twitter user @Elwaiemaren shared how she usually orders extra for her food delivery riders - sometimes she buys them water, sometimes food, and at other times, she tips them a little bit, in hopes that she may be able to reduce the burden of these riders somewhat.

A small deed goes a long way. What are some other random acts of kindness you have seen?

By: Celestine Foo