COVID-19 Patient Allegedly Harassed A Nurse While Getting Treatment

A nurse at the Melaka Hospital alleged that she was sexually harassed by a senior citizen who is undergoing COVID-19 treatment at the hospital last Saturday (10 October).

covid-19 patient allegedly harassed a nurse while getting treatmentPhoto via New Straits Times

The 29-year-old nurse claimed that she was harassed by the 60-year-old patient while caring for him in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

As a result, the nurse lodged a police report which then went viral on social media.

Based on the report, the nurse was drawing blood from the patient when he started uttering dirty and unsavoury remarks towards the nurse, which left her in a panic state as she was alone in the room.

The report further explained that the nurse was also disturbed by the tone of the patient’s request when he asked her to look at the size of a new urine catheter and asked her to place it on him.

The nurse declined his request then informed the hospital management of the incident, in which they advised her to lodge a police report as soon as possible.

covid-19 patient allegedly harassed a nurse while getting treatmentPhoto via Berita Harian

Melaka police Criminal Investigation Department chief, Assistant Commissioner Mohd Nor Yhazid Idris confirmed that they had received the report and said that an internal investigation is being carried out. 

Remember to always be aware of your surroundings, ladies! 

Sexual assault can happen to anyone, anywhere, so it’s important to remember that if you are sexually assaulted, it is not your fault; and help and support are always available! 

Here are several Malaysian organisations that aim to help survivors of sexual assault:

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Take care, and stay safe! 

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat