#AnySongChallenge Gone Wrong!

TikTok has been crazy popular recently - you’ll see people doing it in cars, in elevators, at shopping malls, in class and even in the office!

#anysongchallenge gone wrong!Photo: Twitter Anira Adnan (@iraadnan_)

(For all of you who have been living under a rock... TikTok is a video sharing platform where users can create lip-sync and comedy videos, and has become one of the most downloaded applications in many countries last year!)

Recently a video has gone viral on Twitter by user Anira Adnan, where she is seen doing a TikTok video with a friend in their office when another one of their friends, walked into the room looking for A4 papers. 

In the video, the friend was frantically looking for A4 papers while the other two were more focused on recording their video to help her, and they ended up in a hilarious argument with each other. 

The video has since gained over 324,300 views and over 23,000 retweets. 

Many people have reacted positively to the video and even made memes from screenshots of it! 

Have any of your colleagues also made TikTok videos in the office?

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat