After Being Shamed Online, Sobah Rajaai Silences Haters With Fierce Photoshoot

after being shamed online, sobah rajaai silences haters with fierce photoshoot

Photo via Azzim Aziz (IG: @azzim_aziz)

Last week, Twitter user @sobahra (Sobah Rajaai) was verbally abused online during a livestream of her make-up tutorial session.

And it wasn’t before another Twitter user, @Hadyna_, made a thread of all the bad comments that Sobah had received during her livestream to show that cyberbullying is still a major problem in Malaysia.

Several Malaysian celebrities like Yuna, Que Haidar, Adibah Noor and Aizat Amdan even came to her defence, encouraging her to just ignore internet trolls and be herself.

It seems Sobah quickly took their advice and already put their words into action, after photos from her photoshoot with local fashion designer, Azzim Aziz (IG: @azzim_aziz), went viral on social media.

And we must say, she is slaying her looks!


A post shared by AZZIM AZIZ (@azzim_aziz)


A post shared by AZZIM AZIZ (@azzim_aziz)

While some netizens still had nothing nice to say, she also received plenty of praise for her edgy shots.

Do you, Sobah! Keep up the good work!


by Kyle Roshen Jacob