"I Admire Him!" Actress Joo Hyun Young Thanks Her Idol G-Dragon for Sweet Gift

In a heartwarming display of appreciation, actress Joo Hyun Young extended her heartfelt thanks to her idol crush, G-Dragon, for a thoughtful gift.

i admire him! actress joo hyun young thanks her idol g-dragon for sweet giftPhoto via Instagram (2ruka__)

On April 18, Joo Hyun Young's posts began circulating across news platforms, igniting a wave of warmth and admiration. With a sense of excitement and gratitude, she took to social media to share her joy, writing, "I didn't know where he'd be, so I posted myself in all directions, east, west, north, and south. Thank you."

Accompanying her words were several snapshots capturing the essence of her gratitude. In the photos, Joo Hyun Young is seen beaming with delight as she poses alongside a luxurious perfume gift box, a token of affection from none other than G-Dragon himself. 

This exclusive perfume, crafted in collaboration with the renowned French luxury brand Frederic Malle, holds a special significance, as only 100 sets were reportedly produced.

Joo Hyun Young's connection to G-Dragon runs deep, stemming from her admiration for the iconic artist. In the past, she openly expressed her admiration, revealing, "I auditioned for JYP Entertainment because I admire G-Dragon sunbaenim so much. I even dreamed of filming 'We Got Married' with him."


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In a world often fraught with challenges, Joo Hyun Young's story and G-Dragon's gesture remind us of the beauty of genuine appreciation and the joy found in unexpected connections. 

It's a testament to the profound impact that idols can have on their fans, making every moment shared feel like a cherished treasure!