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105-Year-Old Kelantanese Man Is The Oldest Man To Get Vaccinated!

Jun 04, 2021

Malaysians recently shared their concerns on social media when news reports revealed that around 10,000 residents in Kelantan failed to show up for the vaccination appointment, and most of them are over the age of 60. 

According to Malay Mail, the reasons given for their absence include health problems, as well as postponing the vaccination date.

105-year-old kelantanese man is the oldest man to get vaccinated!Photo via Metro

Others cited personal problems as reasons for their no-show, and even more provided no reason whatsoever.

However, last Sunday (May 30th), a 105-year-old man went to his appointment to get his COVID-19 jab, which impressed netizens online. 

Jaafar Awang Mat is believed to be the oldest individual to have received the vaccine in Malaysia, so far. 

A photo of him holding the “I have been vaccinated” card circulated the internet since Monday (May 31st), and it was reported that he is from Kampung Pulong, Kubang Kerian in Kelantan. 

According to his granddaughter, Noor Azriena Syamsuri Md Nor, anti-vaxxers tried to influence her grandfather to not take the vaccine, and they told him that it was “life-threatening”, but he didn’t listen to them and remained positive.

She said that her grandfather wanted to do everything he could to prevent himself from contracting the virus and decided to take the vaccine. 

This is amazing! We hope that he is alright and we are glad that he took the vaccine.

Stay at home, everyone and get vaccinated! 

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat