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Study Shows Pfizer’s Vaccine Is 100% Effective For Ages 12-15

Apr 05, 2021

Main Image Via BBC

The Pfizer vaccine gives 100% protection in a final-stage trial for kids ages 12 to 15 years. 

This enables teens and pre-teens to be vaccinated before the next school year. 

study shows pfizer’s vaccine is 100% effective for ages 12-15

BioNTech SE, Pfizer’s partner, said they plan to submit the data to regulators in the US and Europe as soon as possible, seeking to amend their vaccine authorizations to include the younger age group. 

The vaccine is also authorized in the US for ages 16 years and up. However, side effects are consistent with those experienced by people ages 16 to 25.

In a recent study conducted among 2,260 adolescents, the vaccine exceeded the level seen in vaccinated young adults, following a statement by Pfizer and BioNTech on the antibodies produced against COVID-19.

In people 16 and older, Pfizer and BioNTech’s messenger RNA vaccine was 95% effective at preventing symptomatic cases in a final-stage trial, leading to its emergency authorization late last year. 

The other messenger RNA vaccine on the market, from Moderna Inc., is currently authorized for people 18 and up and is 94% effective in its final-stage trial. Both vaccines require people to get two shots.

Both Pfizer and Moderna began trials for their vaccine earlier this month for kids under 12. According to Moderna, they are also studying vaccines in ages 12-17, and it is fully enrolled and is on track to yield updated data around mid-2021.

Info Via Bloomberg