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Stop Spreading COVID-19 Vaccine Misinformation Or Twitter Will Ban You!

Mar 03, 2021

Main image via MalayMail


Ever since the coronavirus vaccine was introduced, many organisations and authorities have been on a serious lookout on social media to combat the spread of its misinformation. 

Well, Twitter now has joined the club! Under its new policy announced on Monday, users who repeatedly share misleading information on the vaccine will be suspended, of course after a few warnings. 




The accounts that violate Twitter policy on the vaccine misinformation will first be notified and one strike will be recorded against the account for its violation. Here’s how many times you can ‘mess up’ before you bid goodbye to the blue bird. 

One strike, you get a warning. 

Second and third strikes, a 12-hour account lock.

Fourth strike, a seven-day account lock. 

Fifth strike is adios to your Twitter account. 


Twitter hopes to educate people on sharing contents responsibly. It will also label tweets that may contain false information about the vaccines. 

We’re unsure how big of an impact this will bring, but at least it’s something. Nice one, Twitter. 

And guys, please be responsible when you share a piece of information online. If you’re unsure of its validity, do not share it! Check out sebenarnya.my!

By: Piravina Ragunathan

Info via Mashable