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Experts Warn That COVID-22 Could Be More Dangerous And Violent Than Delta Variant

Aug 30, 2021

Just when you thought COVID can’t possibly get any worse, it just did… 

So far, the Delta variant is among the most contagious COVID-19 variants that could spread in just 15 seconds and could also result in death. 

experts warn that covid-22 could be more dangerous and violent than delta variantPhoto via DNA India

Citing an Insider Paper report, Swiss Immunologist from the Federal Institute of Technology ETH Zurich, Prof. Dr. Sai Reddy expects the latest variant, dubbed ‘COVID-22’ will soon be within our community. 

In fact, two Variants of Concern (VOCs) namely Beta found in South Africa and Gamma from Brazil that were identified, are likely to attack our antibodies under certain conditions. 

“If the Beta or Gamma starts to become more contagious, or if the Delta variant starts to mutate, then we should be worrying about a new phase of this epidemic. This will be a big problem. COVID-22 could be worse than what we are experiencing right now,” said Dr. Sai. 

Recent scientific findings show the virus content in the Delta variant is so high that anyone infected and not vaccinated can become a “super spreader.”

experts warn that covid-22 could be more dangerous and violent than delta variantPhoto via Forbes

This means that children aged 12 and above are potential carriers of the epidemic. 

But for now, cases of COVID-22 variants have not been recorded or reported yet.

This is not over, guys. COVID-19 is still in our community!

Please remember to always follow SOPs, maintain physical distancing, wash your hands regularly and mask up! 

Stay safe.

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat

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