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Taking In “Free Oxygen”, Video Of COVID Patient Out In Public Goes Viral

Aug 19, 2021

Aiyo, this is so irresponsible! If you tested positive for COVID-19, please stay at home!

With the number of new infections exceeding 20,000 every day, the Ministry of Health (MOH) has reminded Malaysians countless times to continue adhering to the SOPs and get vaccinated as soon as possible.

But it looks like some Malaysians are not listening…

taking in “free oxygen”, video of covid patient out in public goes viralPhoto via Twitter (Princess Fatin)

Recently, Twitter user @pvencessfatin expressed her frustration with the action of a COVID-19 patient who left her house because she wanted to breathe in the fresh “free air”, which is not allowed if you’re wearing the KKM pink wristband! 

“COVID patients, don’t just stay inside. You need some fresh air. Neighbours don’t be afraid, as long as you’re not close to us.

“Go outside, at least 15 minutes a day should be enough,” read the caption. 

The incident allegedly took place in Saujana Aman in Selangor, not far from Saujana Utama and Puncak Alam.

Following the video, the Twitter user also shared a screenshot of a conversation with someone who is believed to be a resident there, who confirmed that the lady in the video was positive for COVID-19.

A police report has been lodged and the case is now under investigation.

The video has since been removed on TikTok. 

Please don’t do this! This is very irresponsible and you’re risking other people’s health and safety as well. 

Stay at home! 

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat

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