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Sabah’s Iron Man Finally Got Vaccinated!

Jul 31, 2021

Remember the Iron Man in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah who takes mock vaccines so that he could be an example to other people?

sabah’s iron man finally got vaccinated!Photo via New Straits Times

Well, just a month after going viral, cosplayer Yohan Charles finally received his first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine on Thursday (July 29th) and we’re so happy for him! 

The 40-year-old arrived at the Mesra Hospital in his Iron Man costume with his wife, and all heads turned towards the unusual couple. 

“It took me more than one hour to complete the whole inoculation process from registration to observation as I was stopped by those inside to take pictures with me.

“I did not mind at all. It is my aim to cheer the people up, including the frontliners during this trying and stressful period,” he told NST.

Yohan has been doing charity work through cosplay since 2011, and has admitted that he was initially among those who were sceptical about getting the vaccine.

sabah’s iron man finally got vaccinated!Photo via New Straits Times

But, he said that he came to his senses after doing research and having friends who had convinced him about the benefits of getting the vaccine. 

He shared that he felt safer now after getting the jab as his job required him to deal with the public. 

We’re glad that Sabah’s Iron Man is now vaccinated!

What about you? Have you registered for the vaccine yet?

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