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Having More Side-Effects Post Vaccination Than Others? Here’s Why

Aug 11, 2021

having more side-effects post vaccination than others? here’s whyMain image via The Straits Times

We’re pretty sure you’ve seen your friends flexing after their vaccinations all over social media. Or maybe you are that person. 

Just in case you were wondering why some people have more side effects compared to others, or if it is normal to feel so.. We’re about to explain that for you. 

According to virologist Dr Sandy Loh (as reported by The SunDaily), it’s completely normal. The doctor who teaches at the University of Nottingham Malaysia said that the difference in reaction to the vaccine is really dependent on individuals’ physiological condition. 

Some may lose their appetite but some may feel hungry all the time, some may have fevers, some may not, your grandparents might not have any side effects at all.. Why? 

Because younger people tend to have a prompt response to any vaccine as their immune system is much stronger. Hence, the vaccine takes longer to affect the immune system in older people as they are weaker, in general. 

Dr Sandy also advised people with a history of allergies to monitor their health after vaccination. Those who have had severe allergic reactions to vaccinations in the past are advised to consult their doctor first. 

There is a guide on the MySejahtera app to help users. 

having more side-effects post vaccination than others? here’s why

Everything said, everyone should get vaccinated, she emphasized. So, what are you waiting for? An appointment date? Cool. 

By: Piravina Ragunathan

Info via TheSunDaily

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