You Can Now Buy Automobile Stuff, Sambal, And Even Dodol From Shopee

now you can buy dodol and sambal on shopee

Many of us shop online, purchasing anything from smartphones to household products, and even food.

But how many of us can buy local products like sambal and dodol online? Shopee just made that possible by joining forces with the MInistry of Rural Development (KPLB)’s e-commerce enabler, Elokal, to make sure rural entrepreneurs can step up their game.

Named Desamall@KPLB, the official store was launched last month, where shoppers can expect to see items like garam belacan, serunding, and even Sarawak peppercorn on the store. 

now you can buy dodol and sambal on shopee

In line with Shopee’s 12.12 Birthday Sale, the Ministry also launched an automotive specialty store on Shopee yesterday! Less headaches, man. Now you can just search for your automotive needs online. Desaauto@KPLB is expected to benefit more than 200 rural entrepreneurs manufacturing and distributing automotive parts (tyres, engine oil, you name it). For now, a limited 100 products will be made available. That just means there will be more in the future!

now you can buy dodol and sambal on shopee

“Around 24% of the population in Malaysia are living in rural areas, and my Ministry’s main focus is to improve the infrastructure, economic standing and income of the rural folks. A lot must be done in rural areas. Desamall@KPLB and Desaauto@KPLB on Shopee are two of KPLB’s initiatives that will allow rural entrepreneurs to ride the wave of e-commerce, in tandem with the fourth industrial revolution. Our goal for 2020 is to groom 5,000 new rural entrepreneurs. We have laid the groundwork for them and with all these exciting line-ups, we are confident that we will be able to achieve this target. The onus is now on the rural folks to step up and harness these opportunities presented to them, said Rural Development Minister YB Datuk Seri Rina Mohd Harun, who officiated the launch of Desaauto@KPLB yesterday. 

The 11.11 sale passed not too long ago, but 12.12 is coming up. Running from 28 November-12 December 2019, look out for daily RM12 deals, free shipping with a minimum spend of RM12, and 12 million Shopee coins up for grabs on Shopee Catch. 

Making a special appearance will be brands like Mydin, AEON, Petronas and Pureen, which will be exclusively available on Shopee this birthday sale. 

On top of being able to reload and pay bills via the new Reloads, Vouchers and Bills feature on the Shopee app, customers also stand a chance to earn a limited-time 10% coins cashback, with a special 12% cashback on 12 December 2019. (Obviously 12 is the lucky number here!) 

So are you shopping yet?

By: Celestine Foo