Woman Stuck In Bathroom For Three Days, Writes “Goodbye” Letter On The Walls

A 54-year-old woman in Bangkok, Thailand was stuck in her bathroom for three days before being rescued by police, after she was reported missing by her sister.

woman stuck in bathroom for three days, writes “goodbye” letter on the walls

woman stuck in bathroom for three days, writes “goodbye” letter on the wallsPhoto via Facebook (สถานีตำรวจนครบาลพระโขนง)

Thanks to a faulty door knob which permanently locked her inside the bathroom, the woman had to bang on it and yell for help for days trying to get the attention of her neighbors but unfortunately, nobody heard her precious calls. 

She also didn’t have any food or clean water with her (obviously!) forcing her to drink tap water for three days… Alamak, so kesian!

Her sister, feeling like something was off after not being able to reach her for three days, called the police on 25 August, and then later went to the woman’s house to investigate. 

Police then managed to find the trapped woman after climbing over her tall iron gate and then breaking her door open with some pliers. The woman was found in an extremely weak state, but it wasn’t surprising as she was in there with no food and water. 

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Posted by สถานีตำรวจนครบาลพระโขนง on Thursday, 25 August 2022

The woman said that she thought no one would come for her and resorted to leave a ‘goodbye’ letter on her bathroom wall.

Oh dear, we’re so glad her sister called the police and they managed to get her out of the bathroom safely.

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat