Unvaccinated Students Will Still Be Allowed Entry Into School

The National Immunization Program for Adolescents is currently underway, with the government hoping to vaccinate some 3.2 million teens between the ages of 12 and 17 by the end of the year. 

Its part of plans to get students immunized before being allowed back into school. 

unvaccinated students will still be allowed entry into schoolPhoto via Kosmo

But what happens if parents refuse to allow their kids to be vaccinated? 

The Education Ministry says these students will still be allowed back into school anyway.  

Deputy Education Minister Datuk Dr Mah Hang Soon says every child has a right to education, and they will not be punished for not being immunized. 

However, parents who refuse to let their kids get the jab will be counselled and given the necessary information in the hopes of changing their minds. 

Meanwhile, the Ministry says there are no plans at the moment to segregate vaccinated students from unvaccinated ones, because it still doesn’t know how many kids will not be getting the jab. 

It has already been announced that unvaccinated teachers will not be allowed to teach and will be reassigned to other duties. 

unvaccinated students will still be allowed entry into schoolPhoto via Yahoo! News Malaysia

Meanwhile, the adolescent immunization program seems to be going well. 

The Health Ministry says no major side-effects have been detected among the 400,000 or so students who’ve received the vaccine so far. 

Some have experienced fever, headaches and muscle pain…but this is a common reaction.  

There are currently three ways to get vaccinated under the National Immunization Plan for Adolescents.  

Those in boarding schools will receive their appointments via the MySejahtera app.  

Public, private and international school students will be informed by their respective schools regarding the date and location to get the jab. 

While teens who are home-schooled, not schooling as well as university/college students who are under 18 can walk-in to any of the 156 selected vaccination centers (PPV). However, one parent or guardian is required to be present to sign the vaccination consent form. 

By: Nicholas Darren John