Thai Man Uses Kicap To Fake His Suicide In Order To “Win Back His Wife”

Earlier this week, a man in Thailand was caught trying to fake his own suicide with soy sauce, all in an attempt to win back his wife and son who had apparently left him.

It was reported that the 50-year-old man from Chumphon in Southern Thailand had become estranged from his 40-year-old wife, who now lives in Pattaya with their son, due to a marital strife.

According to Mashable, the man, who is known as Watchara decided to try to rekindle his relationship with his wife, Pla and their son, so he traveled all the way to Pattaya last Monday (16 January) only to find his wife’s house completely empty. 

thai man uses kicap to fake his suicide in order to “win back his wife”Photo via TheThaiger

Desperate to get his family back, Watchara attempted to “commit suicide” by pouring soy sauce on a knife and photographing himself with the knife held up to his neck, making it appear as if he had already hurt himself.

He then sent the selfie to his son, who then informed his mother.

His wife, Pla filed a police report and a team of officers and paramedics were dispatched to his home, only to discover that Watchara had fabricated the entire incident. 

He told authorities that it was all done to get the attention of his family who had refused to answer his calls and texts when he arrived at their home in Pattaya. 

Watchara was eventually reprimanded by the police, who sternly warned him not to pull such a prank again.

Aiyo, not funny!

Suicide is no laughing matter. If you know someone who has been showing signs of suicide, or has been talking about suicide for example, making statements such as “I wish I were dead” or “I wish I hadn’t been born,” please don’t try to handle the situation alone…

Instead, encourage the person to call a suicide hotline number or get help from a trained professional as quickly as possible!

YOU matter!