Stubborn Malaysians Are Still Ignoring SOPs Despite Hefty Fines

Do not take things lightly just because COVID-19 cases are on the decline.

We need to continue adhering to standard operating procedures (SOPs) not just to ensure our safety, but also to avoid a hefty fine. 

stubborn malaysians are still ignoring sops despite hefty finesPhoto via Malay Mail

A man in Perak found out the hard way, when he was slapped with a RM10,000 compound for wearing his mask below his chin as he was coming out of a grocery store.

Police handed him the fine because he had violated Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO) standard operating procedures (SOPs).

Previously, the Health Director-General had also commented on this issue, saying people should stop bringing down their face mask to the chin.

Tan Sri Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah said people should wear their face masks properly and remove it completely if they have to take it off for any activity.

This is because the chin is an exposed area, and if an individual brings down his or her mask to the chin, the inside of the mask will be contaminated.

Either you wear your mask properly or remove It completely.

Posted by Noor Hisham Abdullah on Sunday, July 19, 2020

Here are some other incidents that also happened over the weekend which reflect how some Malaysians have been ignoring SOPs.

A recreational club in Pahang was fined 50 thousand ringgit over two violations of the Recovery MCOs SOPs.

Police say the organiser had failed to adhere to the physical distancing SOP, and they also organised a lion dance show, which is not allowed during the RMCO.

Another incident took place in Johor, where more than RM1 million in compounds were issued to some 100 customers at an entertainment centre in Muar at the weekend.

The 81 men and 28 women were arrested and fined for not obeying physical distancing rules.

By: Roshini Ravindran