Really? Another Misdrawn Jalur Gemilang Flag?

It seems that our national flag is so complex that people can’t seem to get it right!

Free Malaysia Today reports that The Malaysian flag prepared for use at the medal presentation ceremony for wushu gold medallist Loh Choon How at the 30th South East Asia (SEA) Games had to be changed at the very last minute after a printing error was spotted.

The flag showed a white stripe at the top where it should have been red.

The complaint, made by a member of the Malaysian contingent, chef de mission Megat Zulkarnain Omardin, to the organizing committee of the Philippine SEA Games, delayed the ceremony by 2 minutes to buy time for the committee to get a replacement flag.

really? another misdrawn jalur gemilang flag?Photo: Bernama

According to Megat, the Malaysian secretariat had confirmed in writing with the organisers regarding the characteristics of the Jalur Gemilang prior to the event, as he expressed his regret over the whole incident.

“We sent a stern warning to the secretariat to change. I believe if this is the case, they might be using the same supplier for all venues. So, we have asked them to resolve this matter today because I was told there are several other events where we have won medals. We do not want the same flag (with the error) to be used,” he told reporters at the SEA Games.

Despite the incident, Malaysia rejoiced over the success of Choon How delivering Malaysia’s first gold as Megat claims that is a good start for Malaysia in its quest for 70 gold medals.

really? another misdrawn jalur gemilang flag?Photo: Stadium Astro

After all that debacle with our national flags these past few weeks, we really hope there won’t be another mistakenly drawn Jalur Gemilang in the near future.

By: Siti Farhana Sheikh Yahya