PDRM Patrol Car Hijacker’s “Girlfriend” Discovered To Be A Victim Of The Weekend Heist

pdrm patrol car hijacker’s “girlfriend” discovered to be a victim of the weekend heist

Photo via Malay Mail

Earlier this week a pair of brothers were apprehended for stealing a police patrol car.

The older brother, Mohamad Azrullah Mohd Rodzi, 33 was caught in said car with a 21-year-old woman in Shah Alam at 2:05am on Sunday (October 25th), five hours after the car was stolen. 

Initially, it was believed that the young woman in the car, Nurul Atieka Mazlan, was his girlfriend.

Azrullah claimed that he had stolen the car to impress her. However, the “girlfriend” disputed the claim, explaining that she did not know the car thief.

Rather, she was working at a cellular phone shop where she was taken captive by him.

Azrullah had impersonated a police officer and reportedly told her that she had several criminal cases against her. He then forced her to follow him. 

According to ACP Noorzainy, district police chief of the Seberang Perai Utara, the woman has been cleared after being remanded for four days along with the two brothers. 

The victim has since lodged a police report against Azrullah over the alleged theft of the two mobile phones and RM800. 

It was also discovered that Azrullah had attempted to rob a 49-year-old man, Tang Chye Hong at a shop in Tasek Gelugor shortly after the car theft at around 10:00pm on Saturday. 

Azrullah was slapped with six charges over his weekend adventure in the patrol car at the Butterworth Magistrate Court on October 28th.

The charges are for stealing the police patrol car, the robbery of Tang Chye Hong, stealing Nurul Atieka’s cellular phones and three charges for impersonating policemen during all three offences. 

Azrullah’s counsel, Muhaimin Hashim, has requested for the perpetrator to be sent to Hospital Bahagia, Ulu Kinta in Perak for a mental evaluation for a month. Magistrate M. Kalairasi has allowed the application. 

On the other hand, the younger brother has tested positive for drugs and will be charged in court for separate offences soon. 

Meanwhile, the police are still conducting internal investigations into the theft of the police car. 


By: Catalina Hubbard