M For Malaysia - A Tale Of Hope, Unity And Reconciliation

m for malaysia - a tale of hope, unity and reconciliation

Do you still remember 9th May 2018? A day on which tensions were high and the nation waited with bated breath, united as one as we waited for one of the most historical moments in our country’s history.

“M for Malaysia” is a documentary recounting the story of how an unlikely coalition between former sworn adversaries and their victory which paved the path to the New Malaysia. It transports viewers back to that fateful day of the 14th General Election, where the power of democracy was shown, and the people’s faith in Tun Dr. Mahathir led the 93-year old leader to become Prime Minister for the second time.

m for malaysia - a tale of hope, unity and reconciliation

Premiering yesterday, Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir and his wife Tun Dr. Siti Hasmah graced the screening with their presence. Scheduled for a 4-day screening in 37 cinemas across the nation, the audience can relive the nail-biting moments of that eventful election day. It has since premiered in various film festivals globally, namely in San Francisco, New Zealand, and will be showing at the Busan International Film Festival this October.

m for malaysia - a tale of hope, unity and reconciliation

Singer Yuna expressed her honour at having been a part of this.

Directed and produced by Dian Lee and Ineza Rousille with Marina Mahathir as Executive Producer and Ruby Yang as Creative Producer, the footage in M for Malaysia is accompanied by Rendra Zawawi’s original score. The original theme song “Bermula Kita” features Yuna’s vocals. Made for Malaysians to celebrate Malaysians, M for Malaysia will be the first locally-made documentary to be shown in cinemas nationwide. Tickets can be purchased from 10th September onwards. 

By: Celestine Foo