It's Day 100 Of The MCO, Have Malaysians Adapted To The New Norm?

Many of us have now adapted to the new norm of life with the MCO.

Working from home, attending online meetings and looking after our children all at the same time as cooking and exercising at home.

Consultant Histopathologist and Statistician at UM Dr Manimalar Selvi tells us that the MCO was actually a 'blessing-in-disguise'."

She says this had actually taught Malaysians to be more disciplined, as well as fostering togetherness in the family.

"The MCO period gave Malaysians time to get used to the new norm of wearing a face mask, hand washing and using the hand sanitiser."

it's day 100 of the mco, have malaysians adapted to the new norm?Photo via Malay Mail

"Malaysians are now more diligent about washing their hands as it has now become an automatic habit."

"It allowed family members to spend sometime together and gave parents the time to teach their kids about the various aspects of the new norm."

A look at social media platforms found that many Malaysians used the MCO for activities such as gardening, trying out new recipes, as well doing online business.

Anne-Marie Manuel, who left her job prior to the MCO says she utilised this period to fully focus on her passion for cooking.

She uploaded videos of her cooking on Youtube by popular demand and the response from that was overwhelming.

"So that (people's reactions) made me feel empowered and productive with my time. It kept me going throughout the MCO period.

Meanwhile, SPM leaver, Thrishkanth Sivarajah tells us staying at home wasn't that bad after all.

He used this time to do a lot of research on various universities and courses for his tertiary education.

And it turns out that Malaysians staying indoors during the MCO was a good thing for the environment....

it's day 100 of the mco, have malaysians adapted to the new norm?Photo via YouTube

Environmentalist Anthony Tan Kee Huat feels the MCO had given the environment a well deserved pause from dealing with highly polluting human industrial activity.

"Cleaner rivers, clearer skies, and fresher air have became the new norm. 

It is hoped that we find a way to continue to respect Nature's right to be left alone and to be rest and regenerate itself."

But what was it like in the realm of politics?

Political Analyst Dr Oh Ei Sun says the MCO gave Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin's administration some breathing space and dampened the enthusiasm for politicking for almost 2 months until Parliament convened in May.

So there are positive results from the MCO, just like what Health Director General Datuk Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah says.

He also mentioned that if everyone adheres to all SOPs and advice by the ministry, Malaysia could be free of Covid-19 next month.

It has been 100 days, since Malaysians started living under the Movement Control Order. Have we have adapted to the new norm of life with the MCO?

Posted by Astro Radio News on Wednesday, June 24, 2020

It looks like July could be a more joyful month for Malaysians!

By: Roshini Ravindran