Flooding, Landslide Cause 4 Road Closures In Ranau

Four roads in the Ranau district have been temporarily closed after continuous heavy rain throughout the day.

According to the Sabah State Disaster Management Committee secretariat, one of the main roads connecting Kota Kinabalu and Sandakan has been closed off due to a massive sinkhole that appeared after continuous flooding.

flooding, landslide cause 4 road closures in ranau

Incessant flooding had also led to the closures of Jalan Marakau-Kinapulidan-Kigiuk and Jalan Libang-Marakau.

Meanwhile, Jalan Kituntul Lama is closed off due to a landslide.

The continuous rain for more than three hours had caused several villages in this district to be flooded, namely Kampung Libang, Kampung Kintutul and Kampung Marakau.

As of 8am this morning (Jan 5th), 45 flood victims from 14 families were transferred to a temporary evacuation centre (PPS) at the Ranau District Police Headquarters (IPD) PPS Hall which opened at 12.45 midnight last night.

Six locations in the district have been identified as high-risk areas in the Ranau district, namely Kampung Libang, Marakau, Kituntul, Silou, Lasing and Bahab.

By: Amy Shariffudin