This Man Decided To Buy Lunch For Our Unsung Heroes!

We’re staying at home for our own good, but there are others out there doing what they must to keep us happy and safe from the COVID-19 pandemic.

It was on Movement Control Order day 9, that MIX Breakfast’s Prem decided to do something nice on his way back home from the office this morning!

We can’t thank the front-liners enough for what they’re doing to keep us safe, especially risking their own health and safety during the MCO period. 

Let’s all support our front-liners by showing the sign of a heart on social media. Make it creative and be sure to add the hashtag #TERIMAKASIHHERO when you post.

Together, let’s give our front-liners a wall of hearts and gratitude for their bravery!


#repost @afickwazai ・・・ Aku ada sorang member tok seorang pegawai polis yg bertugas sebagai frontliner atau petugas barisan hadapan sepanjang tempoh PKP. So almost 2 mggu tok nya hari2 turun kerja pagi petang siang malam berujan berpanas di salah satu lokasi sekatan jalan raya kat Kuching. Not an easy job. But kita tauk tugas sidak tok adalah utk keselamatan & kebaikan rakyat Malaysia. So aku nak ucapkan TQ so much brader @syedhaziqhazwan & rakan2 polis lain yg bertugas setiap hari dlm PKP tok. Dan juak petugas2 kesihatan kat klinik, hospital, pusat saringan atau sine2 jak takorg tgh bekerja kinektok, TQ! Kpd geng2 food delivery riders; TQ! Moga selamat semuanya & dijauhi segala penyakit. Aminnnnn! #TerimaKasihHero . . Jom gais show some love sign on IG/FB utk frontliners kita yg sedang bertugas kinektok utk rakyat Malaysia. Do it for THEM! #TerimaKasihHero #stayathome #kamicare #kekaltenang

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Thank you, Prem, for the burgers, and, thank you Abang Polis, for your service! 

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat