Malaysians, Are You Ready For Taco Tuesdays?

malaysians, are you ready for taco tuesdays?

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We’re definitely going to be seeing #TacoTuesday hashtags across Malaysian socials very soon, after news broke out that the US fast food chain Taco Bell will be opening its very first outlet here!

Founded in 1962, Taco Bell serves a variety of Mexican and Texan foods, which of course include tacos, nachos and quesadillas.

The franchise announced last year that it’s expanding into Southeast Asia, and it looks like it’s finally arriving in Malaysia - Tropicana Gardens Mall in Kota Damansara to be exact!

Malaysians were already excited about the arrival of burger joint Five Guys, so it didn’t take long for the Taco Bell craze to get rolling.

Here’s what some Malaysians had to say:

It’s unclear when exactly Taco Bell will be opening, or if they’ll be even having any offers for Taco Tuesdays, but we do know we’re excited to see what all the hype is about!

By: Kyle Roshen Jacob