Malaysian Doctor In The UK Shares Her COVID-19 Vaccine Story

With the government set to vaccinate an estimated 17 million Malaysians by early 2022, Astro Radio News spoke to a Malaysian doctor in the UK, who shared her immunisation experience in the hope of inspiring others to get the vaccine too.

Dr. Wahidah Wahid said she was thrilled when she first found out she was getting the vaccine.

“I received the Pfizer vaccine in its first rollout before Christmas and I was really excited. It’s been rolled out in specific vaccination hubs. You get invitations. It’s free.”

malaysian doctor in the uk shares her covid-19 vaccine story

The process took about 30 minutes, she said.

“You attend the vaccination hub on the day. You go through some questions, which essentially aims to identify whether you have any particular contraindications to the vaccines.

“You sign the form, you get your next vaccination appointment and then you move on to the next stage which is getting the jab itself,” Dr. Wahidah explained.

She said you’re allowed to choose your non-dominant arm to receive the jab, and she chose her left arm.

“I didn’t feel a thing. It was a tiny needle. Probably about 20 seconds, and after that, you have a 15-minute observation period. After all is well, you can just get on with your day.”

She also said she didn’t experience any side effects.

“Although my colleagues did feel kind of a sore arm and felt quite run-down, that’s all-expected side effects with any vaccine.”

“I would definitely encourage the public to take the vaccine,” Dr. Wahidah said.

Dr. Wahidah said it's normal to feel anxious but suggested ways to overcome that.

“Have a good read of all the safety checks your regulatory body has made, the trials that have been carried out and have faith in Science.”

Here's the full video:

Malaysian in UK Shares Experience Getting Covid-19 Vaccine

Wahidah Wahid, a Malaysian doctor in the UK shares her COVID-19 vaccine story, with hopes to inspire others to get the vaccine too.

Posted by Astro Radio News on Monday, January 25, 2021

Remember, the COVID-19 vaccine should not be viewed as an ‘immunity passport’.

We still need to practice the usual SOPs after getting vaccinated.

Let’s fight COVID-19 together!


by Roshini Ravindran