Here’s How MOH Names COVID-19 Clusters

here’s how moh names covid-19 clusters

Photo via FMT

Tabligh, Sivagangga, Utama. Do these words sound familiar to you?

They’re all names of COVID-19 clusters here in Malaysia.

But ever wondered how they got their names?

Here’s how the Health Ministry (MOH) goes about naming them…

COVID-19 clusters are mainly named based on the place the index case of that cluster originated from - it could be the name of a building, a park, or even a certain area.

Take the Utama cluster for example - this cluster was named after a building - 1 Utama Shopping Centre.

MOH took to Twitter to explain that clusters can also be named based on how the index case had spread the virus to someone in close contact and thus, forming a new cluster.

For example, the Auto cluster got its name because the individuals who tested positive from this cluster worked at the same automotive company.

This is to ensure that all those involved in managing a particular cluster can communicate easily.

MOH said it’s always careful when deciding on names of new COVID-19 clusters, so as to not offend any party, and avoid stigmas on patients, residents or organisations.

So the next time MOH discovers a new cluster (let’s not hope) with a strange name, you can connect the dots!


by Kyle Roshen Jacob