Ditch All The Cliches With Snapchat This Valentine’s Day

Box of chocolates? Flowers? 

Valentine’s is coming up! Whether you have a partner or if you want to express all your love to your closest friends, there’s a way to put a twist to it without falling into the trap of cliches.

Snapchat is introducing some fun features on the app that allows you to celebrate this special occasion in a unique and authentic manner - and here are a few of them!

Beauty In The Lens of The Beholder

Lenses are augmented reality experiences that can be added to your face or into the world around you. Check out a few lovely lenses on Snapchat this Valentine’s Day! 

ditch all the cliches with snapchat this valentine’s dayPhoto: Snapchat

This lens is called “Be My Valentine” - when you use the lens, heart shaped-eyes will appear by raising your eyebrows. The best part about this lens? It is created by Malaysia’s very own Snap Official Lens Creator (OLC), Eswaran Mohan.

What appears in each carousel will vary so not every Snapchatter will see all of them - but here’s one that we think you might like!

Of course, if you are adventurous, you can create your own Lenses using Snap’s Lens Studio. Lens Studio is a free desktop app that makes it possible for anyone to build AR Lenses for Snapchat. 

Make Your Videos Special With A Cameo

Snapchat’s cameo feature, which just rolled out in December 2019 makes it possible for you to put your face and the friend you’re chatting with in the app in videos that express your moods in the funniest ways.

To make it even funnier, you can even personalize the text on the video so that the person you send the video feels truly special. 

ditch all the cliches with snapchat this valentine’s day

Emoji’s not enough to express all that love? Why not use Bitmoji

What’s missing from a normal, heart-shaped emoji in a text message? Duh - YOU!

Bitmoji allows you to express how you feel using your digital avatar. There’s always one that’s suitable for any occasion!

ditch all the cliches with snapchat this valentine’s dayPhoto: Snapchat

Co-star with your besties or partner on Bitmoji TV!

Wouldn’t it be cool to see your real-life partner-in-crime also be your animated TV co-star?

Now with Bitmoji, the newly released fully animated short series by Snap Inc., you can do just that!

In one episode, you and your co-star can be auditioning for a talent show, or in another episode you could be battling against a crew of robotic spider donkeys together. (Subscribe to Bitmoji TV now to catch the latest episodes!)

ditch all the cliches with snapchat this valentine’s dayPhoto: Snapchat

Valentine’s is just a few days away! So download Snapchat now! 

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat